Junior Olympians Class

This is also known as the "Run, Jump, Throw"  Class.  Its the same class, we just changed the name.

Who is Tim Mack?

2004 Olympic Gold Medalist in the pole vault.  Former UT athlete. Born/raised  in Westlake, Ohio and has been in Knoxville since 1993. I will be at each class and teaching each athlete as much as possible

What is this class?

A fun, weekly class where your child will learn the basics of how to run, hurdle, jump, and throw.  Your child can use these skills in any other sport they choose or they can use these skills to compete in the sport of track and field. They will also learn the importance of hard work, team work, and what it takes to get better at something.   They will run short sprint races (with hurdles and without) where they get individual times and team times, learn how to long jump, triple jump, jump with a pole, throw implements for accuracy and distance.  A great way to to figure out your childs strengths and weaknesses and what sports or athletic activities they should gravitate towards.

Who is this class for?

We have 3 groups of kids

7-8 years old

9-10 years old

11-12 years old

 When is this class?

March 19

Fridays 6:00-7:00

Depending on interest times are subject to change.

Where is the class?

 H3 Sportsplex

2620 Willow Point Way

Knoxville, Tn. 37931


GO HERE to find out more and to sign up!  Click on "Track and Field" or scroll down to the "Run, Jump, Throw" Flyer