There is always a reason if you are not doing better!  Coach Mack will diagnose any problems that you have and will set you up on the path to success and vaulting higher.  It does take hard work to fix things, but if you are determined, you will get better. 

Coach Mack will go over pretty much the same exercises he would as if you are a seasoned vaulter.  The difference is the level of execution with those tasks.  Coach Mack gives you feedback on almost every single repetition when you come to a clinic.   

The September clinic is mostly for what you should be doing in the Fall to get better at pole-vaulting.  I believe you need to be doing specific things through certain times of the year to improve.  We will attack your technique and find out what you need to spend the most of time on to succeed in this sport.  Coach Mack will give you specific things to work on to improve your weakness. 

Although this clinic is only 1-day, the athlete will get have the exercises with them and it will be up to the athlete to do the exercises on their own to get better.  You can do these exercises without a pole vault pit or insome cases you dont even need a pole!

You should be prepared to be challenged at these clinics.  There are certain tasks you need to execute.  Coach Mack is a  firm believer that you must perform hundreds and thousands of repetitions on your own to get better.  Coach Mack will give you the exerices and it is up to you to get the repetitioins in.  

Then after you do the clinic, come back for "refresher" sessions with Coach Mack so you stay on track throughout the year!  Or take part in Coach Mack's workouts in between sessions.  There is no reason for you not to get better! 

Coach Mack keeps the sizes of the pole vault clinics very small so you get more jumps and you get more attention.  Coach Mack is the only one coaching at the clinics.    

Be prepared to enter another dimension of training never thought imaginable.  You will learn that being great does not happen by chance.  Being great comes from hard work, determination, and a relentless will!

© Tim Mack 2018