Club Tryouts

Tim Mack Pole Vault Club Tryouts

Date:  Sunday October 28th 2018 1:00-2:00

If you can't make this time, email Tim at the email below and we can set up your own tryout at a time convenient for you.

Place:  H3 Sportsplex, 2620 Willow Point Way.  

Park in the lot and go up the wooden stairs to the main lobby at 6:00 where I will meet you.

What to Bring:    Running Shoes, Training clothes, water

Cost for Tryout:   FREE

Who should be interested:  Middle/High school boys and girls  

How do I sign up?:

1)Email Tim:  with athletes name, age, gender

2)You will recieve confirmation email.

3)Show up at H3 on October 28th at 12:00-1:00! Stay until 2:00 and you can watch current athletes practice! 


What makes a good pole-vaulter?

Pole vaulting  is a great sport for any focused and driven athletes of any age with decent coordination.  Gymnasts make great pole-vaulters, but a pole vaulter doesn't have to have any gymanstics background.  I can teach most anyone to pole-vault.  I understand they may not want to pole vault forever, but I will coach them to the best of my ability until they decide they dont want to do it.  

How often do you train?

We pole-vault train 2x/week.  However,  if your schedule does not permit that, you can go 1x/week.  I also encourage all athletes to do weight training 2x/week.  They are allowed to do other sports.  

What kind of workouts do you do?

Pole vaulters do weight training, sprint training, gymnastic training, and pole vaulting exercises.  I coach athletes to be good at pole vaulting, but he/she will learn things that will carry over to any sport.  

What else do you learn in pole-vaulting?

I try to teach the athletes how to get the most out of themselves.  I teach them not just what to do technically, but how you have to think in order to get better.  What they learn here will carry over to all aspects of their lives!  

Who do I coach?

I have coached a bunch of middle/high school athltes who just want to learn another sport.  I have coached on and off for the last 20 years.  I also coach post-collegiate men/women training to be Olympians.    I coached Mark Hollis, Jeff Coover, Jordan Scott, Chase Brannon, Chris Pillow, Angela Rummans, Melissa Gergel, Sophie Gutermuth who all competed at the USA National Championships. I also coached Kelsie Ahbe (Canada) at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. 

Can the athlete get a scholarship in pole-vaulting?

For sure!  I realize an investement is made when you bring your child to me, so I coach them as if they will will get a scholarship to pole-vault in college.  Schools where athletes I have coached continued their vaulting (UTennessee, UKentucky, Louisville, ETSU, Samford). 

For your athletes safety:

Tim Mack is a registered USATF (United States of America Track and Field) coach.  To become registered coach a coach must complete the application process which includes the steps outlined below.

  1. Be a current usatf member
  2. Pass the USATF background screening
  3. Complete USOC SafeSport course*
  4. Accept and adhere to the SafeSport Handbook
  5. List current coaching affiliation in the application process

You can investigate the USATF coaching process HERE

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