Current Elite Athletes:


Jeff Coover- 5.68 (does not live in knoxville, but gets workouts sent to him)

Chris Pillow- 5.65

Chase Brannon-5.56


Kelsie Ahbe-4.55

Carolina Moll- 4.50

Marissa Kalsey-4.30

Mckenzie Johnson-4.30

For the athlete that is finished with college and is looking for a place to train with other post-collegiate athletes.  

Tim leads the athlete, in a group setting, in all facets of training.  You will be led in sprint training, gymnastic training, weight training, pole vault training and drills. 

This training is year-around and the athlete is required to live in Knoxville, Tn. to take part in this training. 

Contact Tim if interested in taking your training to the next level. 

For your childs safety: 

*Tim Mack is a registered USATF coach.  To become registered coach a coach must complete the application process which includes the steps outlined below.

  1. Be a current usatf member
  2. Pass the USATF background screening
  3. Complete USOC SafeSport course*
  4. Accept and adhere to the SafeSport Handbook
  5. List current coaching affiliation in the application process

You can investigate the USATF coaching process HERE