Current Elite Athletes:


Mark Hollis (Nike)-5.83m

Jordan Scott-5.72m

Chase Brannon-5.51

Austin Crenshaw-5.38m

Keith Webber-5.23m


Melissa Gergel-4.53

Kelsie Ahbe-4.50

Linda Hadfield-4.24

For the athlete that is finished with college and is looking for a place to train with other post-collegiate athletes.  

Tim leads the athlete, in a group setting, in all facets of training.  You will be led in sprint training, gymnastic training, weight training, plyometrics, medicine ball exercises, pole vault training and drills. 

This training is year-around and the athlete is required to live in Knoxville, Tn. to take part in this training. 

Contact Tim if interested in taking your training to the next level.