High/Middle School

This option is for those athletes who live in and around Knoxville, Tn and get regular weekly coaching. Tim works with his athletes 2x per week.   

TIm starts out every athlete with 1x60 minute sessions.  Tim needs this time with athlete to prepare them mentally and technically as well as to get the athlete ready to work with a small group. 

Training includes working on the athletes jogging, and sprinting mechanics.  We work on pole vault safety, how to hold the pole properly and how to run with the pole efficiently.  We work on how to prepare to jump off the ground with the pole and how to take-off efficiently. We also work on the mental aspects of training and competition.  We work on how to swing, turn and how to go over the bar effectively, efficiently, and safely. 


Click here to email Tim to set up your sessions.  Also contact Tim with any questions/concerns.  Hope to see you soon!

For your childs safety: Tim Mack is a registered USATF coach.  To become registered coach a coach must complete the application process which includes the steps outlined below.

  1. Be a current usatf member
  2. Pass the USATF background screening
  3. Complete USOC SafeSport course*
  4. Accept and adhere to the SafeSport Handbook
  5. List current coaching affiliation in the application process

You can investigate the USATF coaching process HERE

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