I loved to make goals. I used the same goal sheet my whole career.  I am going to shar it with below…just click on the link.  I probably didn't make half the goals I set, but I set them pretty high.   I would adjust the goals frequently.  Do not be afraid of setting goals too high.  It is not an exact science.  You set goals to keep up your motivation and maintain your focus.  

Write your goals out and put them somewhere where you see them everyday.  Use your imagination to be reminded of your goals.  Touch the piece of paper it is written on everyday, write it on your mirror everyday, use it as a pin#, put it as a screensaver on your computer or phone.  Do whatever it takes!    It may seem trivial to do this, but you must see your goals everyday until they become a reality.  For an example…I set up my email as "goldnathens@aol.com" (pronounced gold "in" athens). I had that email for 4 years preceding the Olympics.  I forced myself to see it everyday.  A lot of times I hated to type my email because It seemed so far away!  People would ask me and I would tell them it is " gold nathans" (like the name "nathens,"  not gold "in" athens.  I felt my friends would think I was silly.  Looking back I wish I was a little more confident with it, but I saw it everyday!        

Click on the link below to get the goal setting worksheet.  It will open up in a new window.  Feel free to print it out and get started on making your own goals for 2019 and beyond!  If you need any email me by using the "contact form" link above.   I would love to help you understand how important this is!


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