Here are just a few testimonials from some parents and vaulters:

"Coach Mack has a simple and focused approach…utilizing drills in every session helping my son reach new heights and becoming a more consistent pole vaulter. Coach Mack understands my kid’s goals and coaches him with a true team effort to attain those goals.  My son has seen steady improvement by working with Coach Mack and his all encompassing approach of drills, practice, workouts, and goal setting." M.S.

"It was definitely worth it and different than other training. Instead of just watching her jump and giving feedback, you started with the basics and really focused on breaking down every little movement. I think with your help she will become a better vaulter! Thanks and looking forward to the next time!"  M.M.

"We drove 800 miles to jump with Coach Mack with big expectations (it was Coach Mack after all). The training focused on relating steps with actions, aiding in a clear understanding of what happens in the vault, and when, allowing for easier adjustments. After a highly focused private lesson, my son increased his PR by 5”. I highly recommend any opportunity to train with Coach Mack!"  L.M.

I came to Coach Mack as a Masters pole vaulter, who was a decent jumper many years ago, and who wanted to get back to my sport and "cure" the problems with timing and technique that I had never corrected to my satisfaction, in the past.  In only one session, Coach Mack identified my primary problems, and spoke with me in a tangible way that I could understand. He gave me a few practical things to focus on, and  I got immediate results. By the second session, with short run jumps and a new form of pop up drill, we were making enormous progress. The elements of timing and body positioning that had eluded me for years, are now becoming clear, in a new and practical way, and I feel I have been given the tools I need to focus on. I am very psyched for my Indoor and Outdoor seasons, and Coach Mack has been pivotal in making that happen. Few great athletes also make great coaches, but Coach Mack does. He has the eye and the experience to quickly analyze and assess a jump, and to give useful feedback, right away. And I gotta say, there is something Very Inspiring about having the Olympic Gold Medalist (held the Olympic record for many years, as well) working with you! Thanks, Coach Mack!!


My daughter decided to try pole vaulting as a junior in high school & began training with Coach Mack.  By the end of her senior year she had improved 3 feet from her first high school meet to her last.  She broke the school record and was All-State at the Tennessee Outdoor Track and Field State Championships.  She is currently a freshman in college, at a DII school, thanks to a pole vault scholarship.  There is no doubt that she would not have been able to progress this rapidly without working with Coach Mack.  I've watched him coach a wide range of ages and skill levels and he trains them all with the same level of intensity.  He coaches with one goal in mind, proper technique.  To accomplish this he coaches every aspect of vaulting, from the proper way to hold the pole, to the run, the plant, the swing, etc.  Just getting over a bar is not his end goal.  He teaches them how to do it correctly.  Practices are very thorough with constant coaching during warm-ups, drills in between jumps, and commentary on every jump.  We have to drive 1.5 hours (one way) just to get to his facilities but it has obviously been well worth it.  

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