These workouts are for the high school athlete.  Coaches are more than welcome to use the workouts with their team.   All workouts/repetitions are constructed by Tim Mack and are periodized to help the high school athlete peak at the right time.  

Workouts include:

Weight Training, Abdominal exercises, bounding exercises, medicine ball exercises.  Some exercises are basic and some are chosen to improve pole-vault oriented positions.  You will get the weekly schedule accompanied by a pdf's of all exercises that you can refer to.

Fall training             October 1- Dec 23 (12 week cycle)

Indoor                      December 31-Feb 24 (8 week cycle)

HS Season              Feb 25-May19 (12 week cycle)

Summer Season     May 27- July 28 (9 week cycle) 

Cost: $50/month.  cancel at anytime. 

How to sign up?  

1)Email Tim HERE with your childs name, age, gender, a parents email. 

2) Tim will send you invoice for $50.  After first payment received, you will get workouts emailed to you.  You will continue to get invoice monthly for as long as the workouts you purchesed will last.  EG…if you pay for a 12 week cycle, you will be charged until the 12 week cycle is complete.  Cancel at anytime.  

You can pay invoice with credit/debit.

3) That is it!

Below are sample workouts you will receive: